Our mission

To harmonize the ecological situation in the World through the restoration of forests on the whole Planet, establishing high-quality contact between people and Nature.

Our goals

  • Plant a tree in every country of the globe.
  • To attract the attention and initiate the active participation of the inhabitants of the Earth in the planting of trees.
  • To increase awareness and a sense of personal responsibility of everyone for the environmental friendliness of their own lifestyle.
  • Set a Guinness World record for planting trees in the largest number of countries.

What we do

  • We plant at least one tree in each country where Svetlana Moor circumnavigation takes place in order to attract maximum public attention.
  • We invite the city administration, the media and local residents to participate in the event.
  • A sign is attached to each tree – "appeal to a Person", which tells about the essence of the project and contains a call for active greening of the planet.
  • We make souvenirs and educational products dedicated to this event, and distribute them at the event and after it (stickers, magnets, T-shirts, etc.).
  • We publish information about each past event in Svetlana's international blog, on social networks and in local and international media.

Our success

We have planted trees in 12 countries: in Latin America, Asia and Russia as part of the Tree of Life project.